The Long Walk

Plot: In this book the author claimed that in 1941 he and six others had escaped from a Siberian Gulag camp and begun a long journey south on foot (about 6,500 km or 4,000 mi). They travelled through the Gobi Desert, Tibet, and the Himalayas to finally reach British India in the winter of 1942.

The Kon-Tiki Expedition

Plot: It recounts Thor Heyerdahl's experiences with the Kon-Tiki expedition, where he travelled across the Pacific Ocean on a balsa tree raft. The expedition was done in order to prove the scientific community his theory on how the Pacific islands were originally settled from  South America. 

The Dig Tree

Plot: The story of the disaster with all its heroism and romance, its discoveries, coincidences and lost opportunities. Generously illustrated with photographs, paintings and maps, The Dig Tree is a spell-binding book.

The Worst Journey In The World

Plot: A 1922 memoir of Robert Falcon Scott's ill-fated Terra Nova expedition to the South Pole in 1910–1913. It has earned wide praise for its frank treatment of the difficulties of the expedition, the causes of its disastrous outcome, and the meaning of human suffering under extreme conditions.

Touching The Void

Plot: Touching The Void is a book recounting Joe Simpson's and Simon Yates' successful but disastrous and nearly fatal climb of the 6,344-metre (20,813 foot) mountain Siula Grande in the longest continental mountain range in the world Andes in Peru in 1985.

Into The Heart Of Borneo

Plot: The story of a 1983 journey to the center of Borneo, which no expedition had attempted since 1926. O'Hanlon, accompanied by friend and poet James Fenton and three native guides brings wit and humor to a dangerous journey.

Mawson's Will

Plot: The unforgettable story of one man's ingenious practicality and unbreakable spirit and how he continued his meticulous scientific observations even in the face of death. When the expedition was over, Mawson had added more territory to the Antarctic map than anyone else of his time.

Lost In The Jungle

Plot: In 1981, the author set out with three other travelers into the heart of the Amazonrainforest on what was to be a dream adventure. The foursome's quest soon fell to pieces as they became hopelessly lost in the dense forest, and decided to split into pairs in an effort to expedite their rescue.

In The Heart Of The Sea

Plot: The story arc follows the tragic two year journey of the whaleship Essex led by Captain Pollard and his arrogant First Mate, Owen Chase. The latter being one of the surviving accounts that this novel is based off.

No Picnic On Mount Kenya

Plot: This book by Felice Benuzzi is a mountaineering classic recounting the 1943 attempt of three escaped Italian prisoners of war to reach the summit of Mount Kenya.