NURORDA school-lyceum was launched in 2007 by the President of our country Nazarbayev Nursultan Abishevich.
     The lyceum “NURORDA” operates under the leadership of the international public foundation “Bilim-Innovation”. Nowadays, the reform in the field of education in our country is aimed at bringing up a comprehensive development harmonious personality with creative thinking.
     School-lyceum "NURORDA" puts an effort to educate conscious, well-educated citizens who are ready to apply their knowledge for the benefit of the future of our independent country.



Formation of a holistic personality, realizing itself through the disclosure of individual abilities, ready for development and lifelong learning, having universal human values, leading a healthy lifestyle and able to find the optimal solution to various problems.



Logo of “NURORDA” school – lyceum is presented in the form of shanyrak and four circles. Shanyrak has a special sacred meaning for the Kazakh people and personifies family, unity, cohesion. Four circles mean four important qualities: humanism, love, knowledge, education, which play an essential role in shaping the
future of the younger generation.


  • The school program of NURORDA school lyceum conforms to general education state standard of RK and is approved by Department of preschool and secondary education of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

  • According to expert assessment for 2017-2018 in the educational sphere “NURORDA” school - lyceum takes the 4th place among the best schools of the republic.

  • Taking into account internal features of “NURORDA” school- lyceum educational process is divided into 2 groups:
    Primary school /1-6 classes /
    Lyceum /7-11 classes /


  • Educational process in Primary school /1-6 classes / is conducted in Kazakh.

  • Lyceum /7-11 classes / Mathematics and Natural science subjects are conducted in English.

  • Turkish language, Russian language and literature are also included into learning process.

  • The main attention is paid intensive study of Mathematics.

  • There are 2 extra subjects by the main 5 hours "Math in Action" and "Mathematics for Fun";

  • LOGICO Piccolo is an advanced educational game with self-checking is also included into learning process.

  • For profound studying English 4-10 grades are divided into-level groups and in the end of the year take the International Cambridge examination.

  • 10th grade students without fail take examination of IELTS and receive the certificate.

  • As a traditional music art, Dombyra class is compulsory course in primary classes.

  • In order to develop thinking capacity, foresighted, goal oriented and creating mentality to work collaboratively Intellectum and Chess classes are included in the curriculum.

  • Uniqueness of lyceum is that reading time included in the schedule for reading books independently in any language at the choice of pupils for grades 1 - 11 every day.

  • To put gained knowledge to use in life students of grades 7-11 attend applied courses:
    «Fashion Club»,
    «Craft House»,
    «Cooking Club»,
    «Motion Picture»,
    «Music Art».

  • NURORDA school - lyceum one of the few schools which applies Project Based Learning (PBL). This method develops pupils’ ability to freely express own opinion, to think, work critically in group, to find innovative approaches.

  • The lesson schedule is formed with respect for sanitary and hygienic norms. School days make 5 days in a week, on Saturday elective courses and various creative events are held.

  • The course program corresponds to the general education plan of National Academy of Education.