The Power of Broke

Plot: The book shows you how to leverage having no money into an advantage in business by compensating it with creativity, passion and authenticity. Favorite quote from the author: When I first sawShark Tank, I had no idea who any of the sharks were.

Tool Of Titans

Plot: Broken up into three sections; healthy,wealthy and wise, author Tim Ferriss deconstructs the habits, routines and daily rituals of the world's top performers.

The Motivation Myth

Plot: Most people don’t know what motivation really is or how to get it. In this book, he lays out the myths surrounding motivation, and helps readers discover what truly causes and maintains the motivation they need to succeed in their accomplishments.

Deep Work

Plot: A book about the science of productivity. Cal argues the best way to get more meaningful work done is by working deeply – working in a state of high concentration withoutdistractions on a single task.

Tribe Of Mentors

Plot: A collection of over 100 mini-interviews, where some of the world's most successful people share their ideas around habits, learning, money, relationships, failure, success, and life.

The Lean Startup

Plot: The book consists of the learnings which the author had while working on his startup IMVU. The book is centered around the concepts of validated learning and build-measure-learn feedback loop. It tries to bring in a systematic approach to measuring the progress at a startup.

Start With Why

Plot: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action , Simon Sinek presents the idea that great leaders inspire others by putting the Why (the purpose) before the How (the process), or the What (the product).


Plot: Gladwell examines the factors that contribute to high levels of success. To support his thesis, he examines why the majority of Canadian ice hockey players are born in the first few months of the calendar year, how Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates achieved his extreme wealth, and others.

Crushing It!

Plot: It is Gary Vaynerchuk's follow-up to his personal branding manifesto Crush It, in which he reiterates the importance of a personal brand and shows you the endless possibilities that come with building one today.

Smarter Faster Better

Plot: Explores 8 different concepts and how they can make a difference to your life. Outlining the 'secrets' to being more productive by starting with motivation,focus, teamwork, goal setting, managing others, making decisions, innovation and finally, absorbing information.