• Classrooms and offices of school – lyceum “NURORDA” are equipped with modern media and new interactive boards.

  • There is a laboratory with IMac computers, sport, dance and music halls, swimming pool, library with reading hall, concert hall, photo studio, robotics, cooking club, sewing classroom, applied art study and recording studio.

  • Students are granted the right to choose participation in 29 school clubs in different areas that is also beneficial to their educational process.

  • School provides with three meals of hot balanced food daily. There are also two snack canteens.

  • Annually senior specialists from Oxford Teacher Academy (OTA) hold seminars for school teachers aimed at teaching quality improvement.

  • Summative assessment and testing system is being held every term in order to control students’ level of education.

  • School operates SAT training center to help students in their study to enter top universities of the world. This academic year 6 out of 12 trained students scored the highest 800 points.

  • School established close connection with IXL website intended for fundamental study of mathematics.

  • EduPage online dairy is directed to strengthening of communication between school and parents as well as allotting marks and monitoring teaching and educational process.

  • The social network Edmodo established at school strengthens interaction between students and teachers.

  • We are in sustained partnership with the latest educational resource Twig-world created according to the training program and intended for development skills of applying knowledge in real life situations and their
    steady preservation in memory.


  • The effective work of coordinator – consultant “Career” helps high-school students to be trained for entering best universities.

  • For improvement of students’ physical endurance school has gyms equipped with exercise bikes, racetracks, bars and sports stock for boxing.

  • Swimming lessons are conducted in the modern swimming pool.

  • You can learn updated information and latest news about the school from our website www.nurorda.kz or YouTube channel “NurordaTV”.

  • Extra time is allowed in the schedule for doing homework tasks called etude.

  • Twice a year school – lyceum “NURORDA” conducts “Open day”. This year the “Open day” will be held on April,6 in 2019.

  • “NURORDA”! Aspire to top of knowledge and be at your best!